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OK cloud exchange and EUSC reach deep cooperation

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OK cloud exchange and EUSC reach deep cooperation

July 10
03:00 2019

Recently, OK cloud exchange AAAAEX.COM and EUSC ecological international reached a deep cooperation, the two sides will be in the block chain technology research and development, resource sharing, ecological co-construction and other aspects of in-depth cooperation.

According to the statement, EUSC is initiated by the Ecological Global organization, aiming to solve the problem of Global Ecological environment protection and sustainable economic development. Based on block chain technology, EUSC will establish innovative models to solve trust and circulation problems, break down global trade barriers, reduce trade peripheral costs and environmental damage caused by production process, and promote rational utilization of global ecological resources.

EUSC has created a whole new business model — one-stop ecological industry alliance platform. The ecological industrial chain deeply integrates the block chain technology with the ecological economy, and supports the transformation of six major industries, namely ecological agriculture industry, health and medical industry, tourism and culture industry, new energy industry, processing and manufacturing industry, information and modern service industry, based on which the whole industrial chain is radiated. The underlying technology to provide users with block chain on the basis of business ecosystem, for chain enterprise, the project including the top design, technical support, resources integration, online platform, such as exclusive enterprise incubation service, ecological industry association also developed the social economic and the media, web celebrity live platform and digital assets of mobile terminals, digital assets transaction platform, the promotion, and will continuously develop and update according to user requirements. These tools not only serve the publicity of the alliance itself, but also open the ports to all enterprises and project owners of the industrial alliance, sharing the convenience and dividends brought by block chain + Internet + IOT. Create a blockchain cycle and Shared ecosystem belonging to EUSC holders through mobile terminal carriers.

It is reported that EUSC intelligent ecological contract system will be launched soon, and the “thousand cities ecological community” strategy will be launched simultaneously in the United Kingdom, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Russia, China, Vietnam and other regions. EUSC ecological international foundation will support the nodes involved in the construction of ecological communities.

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